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Photography credits

Most colleges have a photograph displayed along with their information in the ranking list. The original versions of these photos were released either on Creative Commons Attribution or Attribution-Share Alike licenses, or were released into the public domain. Credit for these photos is listed below.

College Photographer Original image
All Souls College Simon Ho Original
Balliol College Andrew Gray Original
Brasenose College Wikipedia user Michelmfb Original
Christ Church Simon Ho Original
Corpus Christi College Simon Ho Original
Exeter College Andrew Gray Original
Hertford College Matt Riggott Original
Jesus College Simon Ho Original
Keble College Dimitry B Original
Lady Margaret Hall Sarah dichohecho Original
Lincoln College Flickr user manray3 Original
Magdalen College Steve Cadman Original
Merton College Phillip Capper Original
New College Flickr user joyosity Original
Oriel College Grant Cherrington Original
Pembroke College Lin Mei Original
Somerville College Philip Allfrey Original
St Anne’s College Janet McKnight Original
St Catherine’s College Wikipedia user Munkfishmonger Original
St Edmund Hall Simon Ho Original
St Hilda’s College Amanda Original
St Hugh’s College Wikipedia user Stannered Original
St John’s College Arnaud Malon Original
St Peter’s College Wikipedia user Alf Original
The Queen’s College Luke Smith Original
Trinity College Steve Cadman Original
University College Wikipedia user Man vyi Original
Wadham College Andrew Gray Original
Worcester College Steve Cadman Original

All photographs on this website are available on the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.