Choose Your Oxford College

We help you choose the Oxford college that’s right for you by ranking the colleges based on factors important to you.

Data sources

Factor(s) Data Source
College ages Colleges and Halls A–Z on the University of Oxford website.
Distances from centre College locations from OXPOINTS dataset. The Google maps API was used to calculate distances from the centre, chosen to be the corner of Turl Street and High Street.
Undergraduate numbers by college and subject Taken from tables of undergraduate numbers 2007/8 on the University of Oxford website. Unfortunately there is no data for Modern Languages and Linguistics, so this subject has been excluded from our service. We apologise for this—if you know where the data can be found we would like to know.
Tutor numbers by college and subject Derived from tutor lists found on college information pages on the University of Oxford website. Correction recieved from Andrew Cairns (Trinity College JCR President 2009).
Overall academic performance Derived from the Norrington scores 2006–8. The colleges are ranked on their Norrington score for the last three years, not just one. For each college we treat all finalists from 2006–8 as one yeargroup, and compute the Norrington score in the usual way. This is done to increase sample size and thereby greater reflect the academic peformance of each college.
State/private school balance Taken from the University of Oxford Undergraduate Admissions Statistics Entry 2007 (PDF, 900KB). Thank you to Joe Ridout for finding this information.
Nobel and Fields Medalists Derived from list of Nobel Laureates from Oxford on the University of Oxford website.
University challenge Derived from Ken Weaver’s all-time rankings of university challenge teams.
Endowment income Taken from Excel speadsheet of Oxford College endowment income 2005/06.